Childhood Medical Trauma, 36 Years Later

This story is about a series of childhood experiences that, until March 2012, I’d long dismissed as not that relevant to my life. Not long after I was born, I was catheterized for a suspected urinary tract infection (UTI). That post-birth infection was the first of what turned into a long chain of unrelenting UTI’s and […]

Coming Out About Vulvodynia

For months, I’ve been ignoring an urge to start writing again because the thing I want to write about is extremely personal, even for me. So I repeatedly reminded myself that in this case, the personal is political. If I can turn this struggle into something of use to other women despairing alone and in silence, then the suffering […]

Stop Trying to Fix Someone’s Depression, Just Listen

There’s a smart, funny, and dynamic woman who follows my blog. We knew each other only as loose acquaintances before I launched this blog. But now I deeply know her, because she trusts me with her truths, which she shares by email. One of her secrets is that, unbeknownst to most around her, she struggles tremendously […]

Is Depression a Form of Grief?

I’ve made it to Day 22 of a grueling food elimination diet to see if allergic foods may be contributing to my health issues. The health yields have been imperceptible to non-existent. But I remain curious enough to keep going. The experience hasn’t been without silver linings, like learning how to cook fish (the only allowable […]

Unprofessional to Get Personal?

Before launching this blog, I wrestled with how this brazenly personal blog would reflect on me professionally, and what it would mean for my business, Cloud 9 Organize & Redesign. My small business is an intimate one. I spend hours at a time huddled with my clients in crowded closets and basements and bedrooms, touching […]

Why I Isolate

When I envision my favorite future, it mirrors one of the happiest elements of my younger years: abundant, always-available connection with people I love. For the first eighteen years of my life, I was surrounded by a big family, an inseparable best friend, a boyfriend of the year, and my ample girl posses. Unfortunately, mid-life […]

About This Blog

As a teenager, I was one of those student-athlete-volunteer-homecoming queen-class president types from a waspy suburban Philadelphia high school, who shipped off to an Ivy League college with a forecast for a bright future. (In the photo above I’m giving my high school graduation speech.) Soon after starting college, despite being in the best shape […]